21 March 2008

I am David Moyer, I am President of The People 4 Good Government and I am writing this letter to, once and for all, put the facts on the table for all to see. For 22 years, Dan Kilkenny kept his secret sweetheart deal hushed up. He has testified hundreds of times about the evils of the TIF process. Yet in those hundreds of opportunities, he has never once admitted that he used and personally benefitted from the very process he condemns.

When a major development brings hundreds of jobs, property taxes and millions in capital investment, but needs streets, curbs and gutters they are crucified. Yet Kilkenny was Johnny-on-the-spot to pick up land for $10 and a $375,000 government backed loan. Kilkenny calls the deal points “erroneous assumptions, gross distortions and innuendos.” Webster’s Dictionary calls them facts.

Kilkenny claims that he does not know me, has no address and has never had the opportunity to speak with me. Mr. Kilkenny has a selective ability to discern fact from his own perceptions. Every candidate for County Supervisor, including Mr. Kilkenny, was sent a letter and a survey where they could express their views. It contained my name, phone number and a map showing where I live and how to get there. On Tuesday, March 18th, Kilkenny was invited to my home. Mr. Kilkenny never called, never returned the questionnaire and never showed up.

The People 4 Good Government has the highest respect for citizens that run for office and commit hundreds of hours of time serving the public. What our organization has no tolerance for are elected officials that preach their own self-worth and feather their nest at the public’s expense. Developers press deals for profit. Politicians do it for power.